Bonding and Affection

Bonding & Affection
Bonding is a two way process where both you and your baby will become tuned in to each other.

It is not always automatic and many women say it takes time to fall in love with their babies - especially first babies.

The process of bathing, feeding, cuddling, changing and showing off your baby will bring you closer.

Things that will promote good bonding
· Spending uninterrupted time with your baby soon after birth.
· Feeding your baby soon after birth.
· Being with your baby as much as possible in the first few days after the birth.
· Being rested and relaxed in the first days.
· Being in comfortable surroundings.

When your baby first arrives
The first moments should be spent concentrating on your baby and getting to know him or her and vice versa. Let the baby hear your voice, see your face and smell you.

Your partner should be given the baby within half an hour of the birth, so they can bond with the baby as deeply and quickly as you do. If it is possible, clamping and cutting the baby's cord is a wonderful and significant moment and gives your partner a chance to be a part of bringing the baby into the world.


  • Bonding with your baby
    Bonding with your baby
  • Massaging your baby
    Massaging your baby

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