Do you have an early riser?

If you regularly hear the patter of tiny feet, followed by — thump! — as small bodies hurl themselves on the bed at an unsociable hour in the morning, there may be ways to persuade your little ones to sleep for longer.

You could try:

Black-out blinds in the kids’ bedroom. Windows shrouded in black may persuade them that it’s still night-time.

White noise is a good option if it seems that bird song or traffic outside is waking your child up early.

For children aged two and a half and up a trainer clock, such Sam, the Zazu Sleep Trainer Clock, can work. It lights up at the parent-designated wake-up time. The Zazu clock and night light costs $79.99 from

Have some special morning toys for your little one to play with quietly in his room until it’s getting-up time.

Go to bed earlier yourself. Sadly, many parents have had to resign themselves to the fact that for a few years they’ll have to get up earlier themselves. They console themselves with the knowledge that when their children are finally teenagers they won't ever want to get out of bed.

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