Ice Cream Party

Just add sprinkles and serve for the perfect summer party that promises lashings of sweetness and fun!

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Our ice cream extravaganza was all about colour and sprinkles. We chose bright green, yellow, orange and purple to pop alongside traditional vanilla and enhance an unmistakable sense of summer.

A trip to Spotlight uncovered a gorgeous array of coloured card from which we cut out dozens of “scoops” of ice cream and some textured beige scrapbooking pages perfect for cardboard cones. Spotlight also has fabulous string — who’d have thought twine could be so exciting? Some bright grass green made its way into our trolley and a happy hour was spent cutting and taping to make delightful ice cream bunting.


Photography: Nadine Canestri  (

Syling: Ellie Gwilliam and Lucretia Kemp


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