Maternity Wear Tips

Even the most confident and stylish women can get a little confused over what to wear as their body changes during pregnancy. Are there style rules for maternity wear just as there are for our normal wardrobe? The answer is yes, there are some key things to think about when buying your first maternity wear pieces. Try some of these great style tips which will help you feel great and therefore, look fabulous as you enter motherhood.


Maternity clothing is just like your ordinary clothing, fit is very important. By choosing separates that are designed to grow as you do, you can celebrate your new feminine curves in comfort. Simply buying a size up may mean that you have enough room for bump but the other, more slender, sexy parts of your body will be swamped, making you appear a lot bigger than you really are. When shopping, look for styles that have ruching and wrapping designs that will hug your shape. A good maternity design should mean that you don't need to "grow into it", if in doubt ask about this before buying.


Before you buy any maternity wear, think about what you will be doing during your pregnancy. Are you working? Do you have any special occasions to attend during this time? What are you most comfortable in at home? If you plan ahead you will be able to get a few good quality essentials to mix and match with your existing wardrobe favourites. For example, a classic style dress may be appropriate for work but also easily dressed up for a wedding.


Choosing the right fabrics can make all the difference to your comfort. Where possible stay with natural fibres. Your body's temperature tends to fluctuate a lot during pregnancy, these fabrics breath allowing your body to adjust as needed. Cotton is always a good option, as is superfine Merino. Combine these fabrics with a good amount of stretch and you will have a garment that you can wear throughout the year and that will last you until your ninth month and beyond.


Classic designs and clean lines are always the best way to achieve feminine style. Separates in solid colours that mix well with your existing wardrobe will allow you to change accessories and your make up for different occasions. People will never guess you are only working with a few key pieces.


Choose styles that show off your best features, while your bump may be growing, you can choose plunging necklines to show off your new found cleavage, sexy neckline and shoulders. Three quarter sleeves are sophisticated and accentuate feminine wrists and layering longer tops over pants will give the illusion of adding extra height. Don't be afraid to experiment, after all, whether it's your first or last, this is a special time - make the most of it!


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