Take home meals on trial

In an effort to ease the dinnertime rush, OHbaby!'s lifestyle expert Jessie Jarvie arranged for seven mums to trial a take-home meal and rate it for quality, convenience, and taste.

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Part of the ‘witching hour’ recipe is the difficulty of dinner preparation when you are managing office hours, daycare runs, supermarket stops, fussy toddlers, bath time, and (if you’re lucky) some form of adult conversation with your other half. After fighting the bedtime battle, baked beans on toast just doesn’t cut the mustard. Dinner preparation is one of the biggest obstacles for all mothers, but particularly so for working mums when they transition back to the workplace. Every so often, it pays to have a healthy back-up option. When we are busy is when we need good food the most, and it’s an unhealthy irony that, all too often, being busy and eating well don’t come hand-in-hand.

Luckily for us, as we get busier the market tends to respond with things like smart devices (even my washing machine is ‘smart’!) and convenience products. There is now a wide range of healthy take-home dinner options available. We sent seven busy mums food from Auckland's best take-home meal businesses to get their verdict.

Disclaimer: yes, we know we’re being a little Auckland-centric here, but My Food Bag also delivers to Hamilton, Cambridge, Tauranga, Palmerston North, Wellington, and Christchurch, and Josh Emett’s Chef Series is available in many New World supermarkets. It’s also worth investigating what the delicatessans and grocery stores in your hometown can offer.



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