Occupational baby names

These baby names are inspired by jobs and occupations from days gone by.

Archer  archer/bowman

Bailey  bailiff

Baxter  baker

Carter  cart driver /cart maker

Chandler  candle maker

Cooper  barrel maker

Deacon  church officer

Fletcher  maker of arrows

Fifer  flute player (a fife is a small musical instrument)

Foster  one who keeps or looks after the forest

Harper  harp player, a folk musician who plays a harp.

Hunter  hunter

Lanier  involved in the wool trade

Mason  stone worker

Miller  grain grinder

Pilot  ship or plane operator

Piper pipe or flute player

Ranger  ward of the forest, game or forest keeper

Reeve  steward

Sailor  sailor

Sawyer  cuts timber

Shepherd  sheep herder

Smith  metal worker or blacksmith

Tailor / Taylor  tailor

Tanner  leather worker

Thatcher  roofer

Tolliver metal worker

Turner lathe worker

Webster weaver '-ster' ending on English occupational surnames indicates the work was originally a female occupation.

Walker  walkers would tread on wet, unprocessed wool in order to clean and thicken it.


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