Stretch Mark Treatments

Love them or hate them, stretch marks are another sign of “earning your stripes” as a mum.


Stretch marks are one of the side effects of pregnancy that many women dread but those silvery lines across your tummy are really just another badge of honour in becoming a mum —you should be proud!

Caused by changes in the elastic supportive tissue that lies just beneath the skin, at least half of all pregnant women will get stretch marks and many estimates put the likelihood at 80-90%. But there are things to try to avoid them.

If your mother got stretch marks you’re more likely to get them and some studies have shown that younger mothers (particularly teenage mums) are more likely as well.

Above are our favourite belly oils and creams that many mums swear by. There’s no hard evidence that they prevent stretch marks but anything that moisturises the skin and increases its elasticity and suppleness is a step in the right direction.

Also, moisturisers help prevent the itchy skin that’s common in pregnancy so be sure to slather it on liberally.

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Above, top left to right:
Mustela 9 Stretch Mark Double Action, RRP$59.99

Little Genie Re-Gen Oil, RRP$15.99

Made4Baby Belly Oil, RRP$19.95

Palmers Massage Lotion for Stretch Marks, RRP$17.99

Bottom, left to right:
Little Genie Re-Gen Cream, RRP$24.99

Bio-Oil, RRP$20.45

Rosehip by Essano Body Oil, RRP$27.99

Rosehip by Essano Rosehip Oil, RRP$22.99


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