POAS and other pregnancy acronyms

Mummy message boards have their own language, so you'll need to learn the lingo if you want to join in. Christine Stride sheds some light on the meanings behind the confusing acronyms of pregnancy and conception.

Whether you're TTC by ART or FTP with a case of GD, there's an online forum buzzing with others just like you. From the comfort of your couch, you, Babycakes, MissionBump and LoLa1985 can chat about everything from whether it's normal to crave charcoal, to how often you've had to pee already this morning. These forums come with their own coded language, one that shortens those lengthy clinical descriptions, and helps lighten the serious nature of some of the issues surrounding conception and pregnancy.

Here's our code-breaker for those acronyms:

AF Aunt Flo (your period)
AI Artificial insemination
AIH Artificial insemination with husband's sperm
ART Assisted reproductive technology

Birth control

BDD Baby doing disco


Big fat negative :( Big fat positive :) on your pregnancy test
BBT Basal body temperature (if you're charting your fertility, this is your temperature when you first wake up in the morning)
BCP Birth control pill
BW Blood week (having your period)
CSMF Can't see my feet
DH/F/P Dear husband/fiancé(e)/partner
DD Dear daughter
DS Dear son
DI Donor insemination
DPO  Days past ovulation
DTBD Doing the baby dance (sex)
EDD Estimated date of delivery (due date)
EP Ectopic pregnancy. When a fertilised egg attaches somewhere outside the uterus.
ER Egg retrieval
ET Embryo transfer
FTPG First time pregnancy
GD Gestational diabetes

Home pregnancy test

HTH Hope that helps
IUI Intrauterine insemination. Involves a laboratory procedure to separate speedy sperm from sluggish or non-moving sperm, and place them in the uterus to boost chances of fertilisation
IVF In vitro fertilisation. Where an egg is fertilised by sperm in a test tube or elsewhere outside the body. in vitro = 'in glass'
ILBMBWL  I'd laugh but my bladder will leak
LO Little one
LP Luteal phase. The second part of the menstrual cycle - the time
between ovulation and your period
MC Miscarriage
MS Morning sickness
NFP Natural family planning, or the rhythm method
NTNP Not trying/not preventing - letting nature take its course
NTPA Need to pee again
OPK Ovulation predictor test kit
OWT Old wives' tale
PG Pregnant
POAS Pee on a stick
RPL Recurrent pregnancy loss

Stay at home mum/dad

SB Still birth
TWW Two week wait (after insemination)
TTC Trying to conceive
US Ultrasound
VBAC  Vaginal birth after caesarean
WMPS Wet my pants sneezing


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