Week 12


It may not be noticeable from the outside yet, but your womb is starting to rise up out of the pelvis and you may be able to feel the top of your uterus just above your pubic bone..
You might want to think about maternity clothing as you may be finding your usual clothes are becoming tighter. The most important thing to consider when buying maternity clothes is comfort - you need to have plenty of room to grow!

Your baby weighs about 14g and from crown to rump is just over 5cm long. Around this time, your lead maternity caregiver (LMC) may be able to start hearing his heartbeat using a Doppler, which is a special listening machine that magnifies the sound of your baby’s heart beat so you can hear it. Your baby is growing hair and his digestive system is starting to function. Although your baby's sex organs are not visible yet, most of his other internal organs are now formed. Baby's head is becoming quite round. 
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