Week 25

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Pregnancy can cause some unpleasant side effects when it comes to digestion. Not only does the hormone progesterone slow the emptying of the stomach (to allow for increased absorption of nutrients for your baby), but your expanding uterus is putting increased pressure on your intestines. The result: indigestion and heartburn that can make eating your favorite meals a nightmare. Try eating smaller, more frequent meals, and avoid spicy and fatty foods.  Eating yoghurt and drinking milk are also said to relieve heartburn due to their alkaline acidity level. Sleeping elevated on several pillows can also help. If your heartburn or indigestion persists, your LMC will be able to advise which heartburn remedies are safe to take during pregnancy.

You may find that you are suffering from dry eye or light sensitivity, which is normal during pregnancy. Use unmedicated eye drops to soothe this. If you normally wear contact lenses and are having discomfort, see your optometrist, you may need to change your prescription or wear glasses for the remainder of your pregnancy.

Your baby now weighs 550-700 grams and is around 34cm long. Your baby's fully developed hands, complete with tiny fingernails, are now feeling his or her surroundings, including his or her own skin and even the umbilical cord. Your baby's dexterity is developing, too - fingers can now curl into a fist.

Your baby's brain is rapidly developing, as are his or her tastebuds - he or she may even be aquiring specific tastes already!

You may notice that your baby has resting and alert periods that are the same each day. You'll notice fetal activity more readily when you are doing sedentary activities.
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