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Kids and snacks go hand in hand, so a trusty lunchbox is a must-have for little people with places to go. Ellie Gwilliam and three-year-old daughter Abigail pack lunch in five of the best.

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Stuck on You Personalised Lunchbox $34.95,

The obvious brilliance of this tote bag styled lunchbox is that it is personalised so there is no need to fret about marker pen durability or sticky labels coming unstuck. Three colour options available and a huge range of designs to accompany your child’s name.

Mum thought: Being able to personalise a child’s lunchbox is great. Abigail instantly had a sense of ownership for this lunch bag which we hope translates into her taking good care of it and remembering to bring it home from any outings. This one is insulated, especially handy for summer months with a frozen drink bottle or yoghurt tucked inside. Clean up is easy with a damp cloth and we just leave it on the windowsill in the sun to make sure it dries. Another great feature is an external pocket with a magnetized closure which is super handy for small but essential travel items – plasters, note for the teacher, shopping lists…

Abigail thought: Look, here’s my name!

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