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Aaloklight of divinitySanskrit
Aaronmountain of strengthHebrew
Abbasstern, somber; fatherIsraeli
Abbottfather, priestEnglish
Abdimy servantHebrew
AbdullahGod's servantArabic
Abednagoservant of NabuAramaic
Abelbreath, vapourHebrew
Abelardnoble strengthGerman
AbiaGod is my fatherHebrew
AbidGod's worshipper; God knowsHebrew
Abielmy father is the LordHebrew
Abimelechthe king is my fatherHebrew
Abiraroma; strongHebrew
Abishagift of GodHebrew
Abnerfather of lightHebrew
Abrahamfather of a multitude (of nations)Hebrew
Abramhigh fatherHebrew
Absalomfather is peaceHebrew
Abundioabundant, plentyLatin
Acaciothorny treeGreek
Acenumber one, the bestLatin
Achavfather's brotherHebrew
Achidanmy brother judgedHebrew
Achirammy brother is exaltedHebrew
Achisharmy brother singsHebrew
Acianothe blue bottle flowerSpanish
AcimGod will judgeHebrew
Ackerleyoak meadowEnglish
Actonoak tree settlementEnglish
AdaelGod witnessesHebrew
Adairwealthy spearGerman
Adalnoble, preciousGerman
Adalfierinoble oathGerman
Adalgisonoble, precious promiseGerman
Adalhardnoble strengthGerman
Adalricnoble, regal rulerGerman



Choosing a Name

Choosing your baby's name is something all parents look forward to. You may have a favourite name in mind during or even before the pregnancy, or you may prefer to wait until after the birth to see what will suit your baby.

You may want to consider a these things before making your final decision:
• Does the name you have in mind suit a child as well as an adult?
• If the name is a little creative, could your child be at risk of teasing or bullying when they are at school?
• Does the name shorten to an easily teased nickname? e.g. Richard (Dick)
• How does the name sound with your surname? It might not be advised for Mr and Mrs Park to call their daughter Eden for instance.
• If you have a middle name in mind you may also want to consider your childs initials, for example would you name your child Darren Oliver Gladston giving your child the initials DOG?
• You may want to name your child based on the names particular meaning. Matthew, means 'Gift of the Lord' for instance.

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