Baby names that are almost extinct

Spare a thought for the Gertrudes and Cecils of this world – their names will soon be a thing of the past.

The truth is no one is calling their children Gertrude, Bertha, Willie, Cecil or Rowland any more, reports The Independent, which checked with

Sadly, there is now also a highly endangered list  on which Horace, Leslie, Clifford and Norman, as well as Ethel, Hilda, Marion and Phyllis currently reside. 

This news come from a survey by which compares name popularity in the UK over the past 100 years.

And we suspect all of the above names are as good as dead-in-the-water in New Zealand as well.

So how about turning the tide? Why not name your little princess Doris or Mildred (names currently “at risk”)?  Or how about Arnold, Alfred or Bernard for your little man?

Bring back those old names that have stood the test of time! You never know, they may once again surge in popularity and your children will (finally) thank you for it.

These are still some names that have stayed the distance. Lily, Hannah and Lydia for girls and Alan, Patrick and Joe for boys are still popular today, just as they were back in 1905.

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