Teething Tips & Tools

Handy advice and tools to minimise teething problems

Your baby’s teeth will start cutting through any time between six months and two-and-a-half-years. Some children will be irritable and in quite a lot of pain. With others, you may not realise what’s been going on until you spy a speck of white inside their mouth when they open wide.

The most common symptoms of teething are swollen red gums and cheeks, a slightly raised temperature, excessive dribbling and sometimes diarrhoea.

Topical applications like Bonjela teething gel are immensely popular, or you can opt for more natural alternatives like the Qbaby teething gel. Just rub a fingertip of gel on baby’s sore gums to relieve the pain.

Rusks, those hard-as-rocks biscuits, are a tried and true favourite although shouldn’t be given to babies under six months.

A teething ring, peg or even specially designed jewellery for baby to gnaw on is another good option. If it’s cold, even better.

And remember, the first teeth may be hard to come by, but once the Tooth Fairy starts to visit in six or so years, it’ll all be but a distant memory.

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