The staple in any child's fun book - bubble mix recipe


You will need:

2/3 cup dishwashing soap
12 cups of water
2 to 3 tablespoons of glycerine

Mix the above ingredients together in a plastic tub. Then dip your bubble wand into the mixture and wave it around slowly, or blow gently. See who can blow the biggest bubble, or get the most bubbles from one dip of the wand!

There are lots of things you can use around the home to make bubble wands. Here are some quick around-the-house ideas:

  • String formed into a loop
  • Cookie cutters
  • Open-ended cans
  • Old pieces of hose
  • Your hands (in the right position, keeping them linked)
  • The round safety seals on milk bottles
  • A old wire coat hanger bent into all sorts of shapes (use your imagination)

Member's tip: OHbaby! member Dearna suggests using tear-free baby bubble bath or shampoo in place of the dishwashing detergent -- that way the bubbles won't sting baby's eyes if they pop in his or her face.

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