Baby guide week two

Week Two

By now, you may be feeling that you are settling into life with your baby. You will be beginning to understand your baby's individual ways of communicating. Your baby is growing and changing very quickly!


In the first six months of their life, your baby will double his/her birth weight. The only food your baby needs during this time is breast milk or formula. This week your baby will continue to have frequent feeds, and the size of each feed may increase by between 5-20mls.


Your baby will continue to sleep for most of the day. Some parents find that it is helpful to differentiate between night feeds and day feed, even at this early age. You can do this by feeding baby in a darkened room at night.


The first six weeks after giving birth is called the puerperium. During this period, your hormones are adjusting to no longer being pregnant, and the physical effects of childbirth are healing.

The lochia, or bleeding, which began after the birth of your baby will last around 4 weeks. This week, you may notice that it becomes lighter. If the flow becomes heavier, or you have any other concerns, talk to your LMC.


All babies are born with reflexes, and these reflexes are checked at birth. Some of the most common reflexes in newborns are:

Sucking reflex - from birth, your baby will be able to suck. The sucking reflex is one of the last reflexes to develop in the womb, so premature babies often don't have this reflex.

Step Reflex - when your baby's weight is supported, and their feet are placed on a firm surface, he or she will step forward, as if walking.

Moro (startle) Reflex - when your baby is startled, his or her arms will quickly extend up to their face. This reflex starts to subside around 12 weeks. It may help to wrap baby, as if he or she is startled in their sleep, their hands may hit their face, and wake them.

Grasp Reflex - When you stroke your baby's palm, his or her hand will close around your finger. The he or she will also reflexively grasp at objects placed in their hand.

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