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Help your child get ready for the transition to school with this downloadable PDF game of High Frequency Word Bingo.


Click here to download a game of bingo with High Frequency Words.


Simply print, attach to cardboard (or laminate), cut, and play!
The white squares with the coloured writing are your bingo boards, the coloured squares are your bingo counters. The counters will need to be individually cut out, the bingo boards remain as they are - 4 words across x 3 words down.

There are two ways you can play:

  1. You (the caller) select a word counter and your child has to match that word on their bingo board. With more than one player, the caller draws a counter from the entire collection of words.
  2. Alternatively, spread all the counters face down (as if you were playing Memory) and each player takes turns at turning over a counter and seeing if they can find the corresponding word on their bingo board. If they find a match, they can choose another counter. If not, play moves to the next person. The winner is the first to fill their bingo card.

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