Kiwi Names

Think local and choose a name with a distinct Kiwi flavour!

For girls:
Aroha ("love" in Maori)
Anahera ("angel" in Maori)
Daisy (as in Aunt)
Katherine (as in Mansfield)
Kate (as in Sheppard)
Hariata (Charlotte)
Hine ("girl" in Maori)
Hilary (as in Edmund)
Huia (extinct native bird)
Kiri (as in Te Kanawa)
Makareta (Margaret)
Ripeka (Rebecca)
Ruihi (Lucy)
Teira (Taylor)

For boys:

Arama (Adam)
Billy (as in T James)
Edmund (as in Hillary)
Erueti (Edward)
Fred/Freddie (Dagg)
Finn (as in Neil and Tim)
Hemi (James)
Jack (as in Lovelock)
James (as in Cook)
Matiu (Matthew)
Piri (as in Weepu)
Piripi (Philip)
Richie (as in McCaw)
Tamati (Thomas)
Tane ("man" in Maori)
Taika (as in Waititi)

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