From bathing baby to changing nappies, cleaning the floors to dirty laundry. Hygiene is important when it comes to babies and children since they can be more prone to infection while their immune system builds. Washing your hands is just one easy way to help prevent germs and bacteria getting to your baby.

Hygiene around the house is also important, for instance, things such as mildew and mould could contirbute to allergies. You're no doubt keeping things safe and clean already for your baby's health. Below are just some areas that you've already considered just to reinforce your hard work!

Hygiene around the home
• Keep your home ventilated to prevent mildew and mould created by moisture in the room.
• Use antibacterial disinfectant to clean bathroom and toilet areas (shower, bath, toilet and outside of bowl, bathroom sink, taps and plugs).
• Vacuum floors regularly to reduce dust mites (including under beds).
• Wipe down dusty surfaces with a wet cloth.
• Wash bedding and linen regularly.
• Clean rubbish bin inside and out & avoid leaving it in direct sunlight.
• Kitchen surfaces are very important to clean for food preparation.
• Wash your refridgerator with disinfectant while getting rid of old food.
• Clean up spills and food mess straight away to avoid insects. If it's on the floor use a handy towel and not your kitchen cloth (an easy way to spread germs).

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