Week 30

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Constipation is a common complaint of pregnancy. The pregnancy hormones that allow you to maintain your pregnancy slow the digestive process considerably, and if you are taking an iron supplement this can exacerbate constipation. Exercising regularly and eating foods high in fiber, such as vegetables and whole grains, are great ways to keep everything regular.

Now weighing about 1.36kg and measuring about 38cm, your baby continues to gain weight and layers of fat. This fat makes the baby look less wrinkly and will help keep your baby warm after birth.

In preparation for respiration after birth, your baby will mimic breathing movements by repeatedly moving the diaphragm. These movements are rhythmic and may even cause your baby to get a case of hiccups if amniotic fluid is accidentally inhaled. You may feel these hiccups as tiny, rythymic jerks in your belly that feel quite different to the usual kicks.

Your baby's genitals will be developing, the testes will descend and the clitoris is prominent and not covered by the labia.

Your baby is developing the ability to produce tears. His eyesight is developing but even as a newborn he will still only be able to see objects less than 10cm from his face.
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