Week 40

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Only 5 percent of babies arrive on their due date so don't be worried if yours doesn't. Most mums worry that they wont recognise the signs that their labour has begun, but you will know. Just remember your breathing and make an effort to relax your entire body. Think about every muscle from your head to your toes and relax them one by one.

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Any day now your baby will be making an appearance. Your baby weighs about 3.6kg. From head to toe he’s about 48 to 52cm and we’re sure you can’t wait to meet him. Most of the vernix caseosa that was on baby's skin to protect is, has now come off. However, when baby is born there may still be some, usually around his head. This is the slippery substance. This can just be cleaned off with a soft towel.

Things to Consider

  • Don't forget - if you are ever concerned about something, call your LMC: it's always better to be safe than sorry!
  • Clothing to take to the hospital! You and baby will be the subject of a lot of photos over the next few days so think about what you want to be wearing in the pictures that will last a lifetime! It's also a nice idea to take a nice outfit for you to wear home from the hospital to make you feel good about your post baby body.
  • Experiment getting into different birthing positions to decide on which one suits you best.
  • Involve your partner in the process. Read OHbaby! with him and tell him about how you feel. Share your hopes and plans for baby!
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