The top baby names for 2014


The more traditional names of Charlotte and Oliver were the the most popular names for newborns in 2014. Olivia, Isla, Jack and James appeared high on the list, but names such as Braxton, Jaxon and Aaliyah also made it into the top 100, according to the Department of Internal Affairs. Charlotte, Sophie and Olivia had been popular in recent years. Olivia last topped the list in 2012, while Oliver claims the top boys' spot for the second year in a row, after running second to Jack in 2012. Names that have jumped into the top 10 list were Harper at eighth place, up from 19th in 2013 and Sophia at ninth place, up from 16th. Ruby dropped to 10th place after being third most popular in 2013. For the boys, Benjamin and Jacob were new arrivals in the top 10, in ninth and 10th place, up from 14th and 13th respectively in 2013.

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