Tips for taking tiny tots to the movies

When the latest animated flick hits the big screen it’s tempting to take the whole family for a weekend treat but how old does your child need to be to avoid a stressful situation at the cinema?

We’ve consulted a bevy of mums for their top tips so you can enjoy the latest cinema release with confidence:

  • Choose animation over real-life characters. For some reason littlies prefer cartoon characters and find real people on screen a turn-off.
  • Avoid 3D animation – too scary and not worth the hassle of trying to keep the glasses on your children.
  • Opinions vary as to the minimum age for cinema outings – either two or three years, depending on the child and his likely attention span. Babies and toddlers are too young, unless you know they’ll sleep through it.
  • Often cinemas have booster seats for littlies – it’s worth asking.
  • Sit close to the aisle if there’s any chance you’ll need to take your child outside.
  • If you can, bring another adult, otherwise if one child needs to go out, everyone has to go.
  • Take all children to the toilet before you go in.
  • If you want to avoid spending a small fortune at the snack counter, bring in your own drinks and snacks and book your tickets first so your kids don’t spend ages in the ticket queue, gazing longingly at the chocolate-covered ice creams and popcorn.
  • Keep the cinema tickets as a momento of your child’s first movie. If you have a memory book or diary you can pop it in.


Published 11 July, 2013


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