15 inspirational ways to play with your child

Last issue we explored the benefits of play and sent out the challenge to inject more fun into our busy family lives. Here Miriam McCaleb gets strategic to keep the good times rolling.

These ideas, honestly explored, will add more play into your home. And it’ll be fantastic! But I end by saying that all of us get a pass: you have permission to use your status as Adult of the Species to keep yourself sane. For me, that means I don’t have battery operated, noisy toys in the house. At all. They go in the playhouse at the end of the path. My husband doesn’t mind noisy toys, but won’t tolerate messy play in the house. So we do that outside, too. But that’s all – just one rule each. Other than that, let your house be as playful as can be. 

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Categorize and consolidate
I’m a fan of sorting toys as it's much easier to add or remove props if you have them consolidated. This is easiest done when children are in bed or on an outing with Grandad. The time you’ll spend organising all the finger puppets into one abandoned pencil case and separating all the wooden blocks from the marble track is time you will gain back as your children play with existing stuff in a much more focussed way.


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