Skin changes during pregnancy

What kind of changes can you expect of your skin during pregnancy?

🌷 Glowing!

There is an increase in blood flow which causes your checks to look rosy. You will also have a greater oil production, which gives your skin a shine.

🌷 Mask of pregnancy
This is a brownish or yellowish patching that will appear on your skin. It is also known as cholasma. The cause is the increase in the hormones, progesterone and oestrogen. Sunlight makes this problem worse, but it sometimes resolves itself after your baby is born.

🌷 Acne
Thanks hormones! Due to the increase in oil, you may find you break out more while you're pregnant. Don't use harsh facial scrub as your skin has increased sensitivity during pregnancy.

🌷 Increase in pigmentation
Your nipples will darken and may even stay this way after birth. There may be an increase in freckles and moles which you should protect with sunscreen.

🌷 Stretch marks
It is estimated that only 10% of women will NOT get stretch marks during pregnancy (hmph, who are they then?!). Stretch marks are caused by stretching of underlying skin, and the result is pink or purple streaks that fade to silver/white in colour. These may appear on the breasts, thighs, abdomen or hips.

🌷 Linea nigra
A thin brown line that runs from the naval to the centre of the pubic bone. This tends to disappear after you've given birth. 


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