Tiredness during pregnancy:
During pregnancy it is normal to experience sleep disturbances.
Depending on what trimester you are in: Early in pregnancy you may desire naps during the day and then find that you cannot sleep at night, this is due to hormonal changes. Later in the pregnancy it may be the discomfort of the growing fetus that causes sleep disturbances. However your tiredness may be related to anaemia, which is a dietary deficiency of iron.

You may find that you experience extreme tiredness in the first 8-10 weeks.
Your body's energy is being used to promote growth of your baby, so your normal energy levels will be down.
• You may be tired due to weight, fitness levels, nausea or bad nutrition
• Go to bed earlier.
• Get your partner to take over some of the chores that you are doing.
• Rest whenever you can.
• Eat small meals often.
• Cut back on the amount of things you do in your day.

Notes on tiredness
• Pregnancy puts a strain on the entire body.
• You may feel constantly fatigued.
• You may even have daytime naps for up to 3 hours.
• In the first trimester your body makes the placenta, this takes a lot of your energy.
Your hormones and metabolism changes dramatically during this time.
• Your blood sugar levels and blood pressure will be lower and therefore you will have a greater feeling of fatigue.

When will I be fatigued?
Usually the fatigue will be at its worse in the first trimester, then in the second trimester you will have more energy, finally the fatigue will return in the third trimester.

What are was to deal with this?
• If your baby is sleeping, have a sleep as well, and then he/she will not disturb you with kicking.
• If you already have children get a baby sitter so you can have a break.



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