Questions for Care Providers

When choosing a LMC, you might find it useful to consider these 15 questions to help you find the LMC who is best for you and your baby.

  1. What experience and training has he/she had?
  2. What antenatal care does he/she provide?
  3. Does he/she do home visits?
  4. Does he/she work alone or with a group? (If your LMC works with a group you may want to meet the other people he/she works with.
  5. What support is on hand in case of an emergency?
  6. What are his/her views on home birth?
  7. If you choose to birth at home or in a birthing centre, under what conditions would he/she recommend you were transferred to hospital ?
  8. Is your partner welcome all the time during labour?
  9. Will he ever be asked to leave the room? If so why?
  10. What is his/her policy on induction, pain relief, episiotomy, routine monitoring?
  11. Is an epidural available?
  12. Can you walk around during labour and find the most comfortable position for yourself to birth?
  13. If you need to have a caesarean section, can your partner stay with you? Can it be done with an epidural?
  14. Will your baby be put to the breast immediately after birth?
  15. Is it possible to be alone with your baby and your partner immediately after birth?


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