Unique baby names from the US

Zealand and Lorde were among the most unique baby names chosen by parents this year in America. While we love to read about the most popular names, those that were only chosen for five or six babies are worth a look too. And while we definitely celebrate difference, there are some names that you have to question…

Brand names

For boys, Yugo, Nissan, Polo, Nike, Benz, and Camry, and girls Porscha and Kartier. For girls, Porscha and Kartier. Evian was chosen for both boys and girls.

Place names

For girls, Zealand, Cayman, Disney Graceland, Sweden, Seattle, Ibiza, Iran and Hawaii, and for boys, Maui, Knoxville, Berlin, Taos, Compton, and Brazil.

Are you serious?! names

For boys, Furious, Mayhem, Rage, Dagger, Gamble, Swastik, Stalin, Pistol, Demon, and for girls, Moxxi, Blaze, Shalimar and Kandy.

Musical names

For girls, Lyrics, Coda, and Lorde, and for boys, Rocker, Cobain, Chord, Tenor, Strummer, Mozart, and Treble.

Er, how do you spell it? names

For boys, Wylde, Wizdom, Tyme, Krimson, Khaos, Kaliber, and Jerzy. Yunique, Truely, Justiss, Iceis, and Promyce for girls.

Pop culture names

For boys, Arya and Khaleesi, Tywin, Sandor, Samwise, and Jorah from Game of Thrones, Severus and Remus from Harry Potter, and Sherlock, Rambo, Stallone, and Anikin (a misspelling of Star Wars’ Anakin). For girls, The Walking Dead's Michonne, Star Wars universe name Marajade, and Renezme, a misspelling of the Twilight character.

Think positive! names

For boys and girls, Winner, Blessed/Blessing, and Shine/Shiny. Just for boys: Valiant, Patriot, Legendary, Pride, Handsome, Brilliant, Awesome, and Honour. Just for girls: Pretty, Knowledge, Heart, Finesse, Special, Joyous, and Joyful.


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