What to ask your child about school

Eight hours away from each other can be lonely (and not just for mum), but you need to control your enthusiasm at school pickup and try not to inundate your child with questions about their day the minute you see them. Remember a day at school is a long one for your little one, and they may need a little quiet time on the way home before they're ready to reflect and open up about their day. In order to elicit more than just a one or two word answer, get a little creative when getting the conversation going. Try asking these questions instead: 

What was the best part of your day?

Who did you sit next to at lunch?

Who did something funny today?

Who was your best friend today?

What was the yummiest thing in your lunchbox?

Did anyone get into trouble today?

Play a game where you guess what your child learnt today eg. "Did you learn anything about animals? The earth? Space? Numbers?" Stumble upon the right question, and you might discover a hidden gem about their learning.

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