Safety for 3 to 5-year olds


One of the most important jobs you have as a parent is to keep your child safe and healthy. From the time that they are born until they are between two and three years of age, you'll spend most of your time as a parent minimising unsafe situations and removing risky and dangerous objects from your child's path. Baby- and toddler-proofing are all about putting unsafe things high up where your kids can't reach them, blocking their access to dangerous items, and removing the opportunity for them to get into danger or harm.

But once your little one starts to understand the intent behind the word "No!", you have a golden opportunity to teach them how to keep themselves safe rather than spending all of your time policing their environment. You still have to be alert and aware as a parent, but at this point you can begin guiding your child to make safe choices for themselves.

St John and OHbaby! have partnered to bring you some information and advice on how to keep your three- to five-year-old safe, both inside and out of the house. Click the links below to read excellent ideas for tips on how to provide a safe environment for your child, and advice on how to teach them about safety from a young age.

Creating a safe environment in your home

Teaching your children about safety

First aid training & first aid kits



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