Top baby names for 2017

Atticus tops the list of 2017's most-popular names for boys, while Olivia reigns supreme as the most popular girls’ name for the second year running. Nameberry’s list of popular baby names is updated monthly, and measures in real time which names are attracting the most attention. It’s a way to identify current baby name trends and to gauge future name popularity. A name that's high on this popularity list will probably rise through the official ranks in coming years.

Here are the top 20 most popular names for girls and boys for 2017:

  Girls Boys
1  Olivia  Atticus
2  Cora  Asher
3 Amelia  Jack
4 Charlotte  Theodore
5  Isla  Jasper
6  Isabella  Milo
7  Maia  Oliver
8  Aurora  Silas
9  Amara  Henry
10  Ava  Wyatt
11 Rumi Leo
12 Penelope Oscar
13 Evelyn Declan
14 Ophelia Xavier
15 Rose Felix
16 Eleanor Levi
17 Violet Finn
18 Luna Matthew
19 Arabella Thomas
20 Hazel Axel

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