Baby guide week eight

Week Eight 

Your baby is now eight weeks old! 


Touch is one of the best ways of bonding with your baby, and many babies enjoy a gentle massage after their bath or before they go to sleep. 
Choose a light, mineral-based oil to massage your baby, such as a baby oil, or olive oil. Avoid oils and creams that contain peanut oil, as early exposure to peanut products may cause peanut allergy when your baby is older. You can buy specific baby massage oils from the supermarket or chemist, but plain baby oil is just as good, and costs less.
Lay your baby on a change table, or other surface that enables you to reach him or her comfortably. It may help to place a towel underneath him or her, as oil can make little bodies slippery!
To begin, lay your baby on his or her back. Use light gentle stokes, and start by massaging your baby's toes and feet. Gradually work your way up baby's body, and arms. If your baby suffers from wind or colic, it sometimes helps to gently massage their tummy in a clockwise circular motion.
Turn your baby over, and again begin from your babies feet, working upwards. If your baby does not enjoy being on his or her tummy, or if his or her head gets tired you should stop and turn baby onto his or her back again.


With the arrival of baby, you may feel as if your relationship with your partner has flown out the window! You are probably both tired, Mum's hormones are still settling down, Dad is getting used to going to work without much sleep, and you may be feeling a bit like ships in the night. It is important to remember that you were a couple BEFORE baby came along, and to try and spend some time together on your own.

In the early weeks, it may be a simple as sitting down to dinner together while baby is asleep. If you are lucky enough to have family members to help with looking after baby, try to get out together by yourselves, even if it is only a ten minute walk.

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