Toys for the whole family

Play - it's good for all ages! And kids love it when grown-ups join in their playtime. Here are our top five toys for timeless fun across all generations.


1. Lego


While away a rainy weekend afternoon with a big pile of Lego and young and not-so-young imaginations. Best to play when baby is asleep, as Lego does pose a choking risk, and we also recommend playing at the table or containing all the pieces on a blanket on the floor - no one enjoys standing on a missing brick barefoot!


2. Train Sets


Who can resist the allure of a pile of pieces just waiting to become a train track!


3. Board Games

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Games are a great way to help children learn about numbers, instructions, goals, and simple strategy. They can also get competitive, so plenty of healthy opportunities for valuable life-lessons here! Try simple classics like Ludo, Checkers or Snakes and Ladders. For the flexible family - Twister is a great way to learn colours!


4. Blocks

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Build a castle, a city, add plastic animals for a zoo or farm... and then watch the youngest member of the family knock it all down...


5. Mr Potato Head

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Our playtime hero - it is surprisingly satisfying sticking body parts into a plastic potato. Buy enough spuds for the whole family!


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