Beautiful Irish names

Be inspired by these beautiful names from the Emerald Isle!


  Pronounced Meaning
Aideen 'ay + deen' Formed like Aidan from aed “fire.”
Ailis 'ay + lish' Irish version of the Alice or Alicia
Branna 'bran + na' From 'raven', or 'beauty with hair as dark as a raven'.
Briana 'bree + a + na' Noble, virtuous
Cara 'car + a' Friend
Ciara 'kee + ra' The feminine form of Ciaran, meaning 'dark' and implies 'dark hair and brown eyes'
Eithne 'en + ya' Kernel of a nut or seed
Ide 'ee + da' Thirst for goodness or knowledge
Keela 'kee + la' Beautiful
Keeva 'kee + va' Traditionally spelt Caoimhe. Meaning gentle, beautiful and precious
Maebh 'may + v' The cause of great joy
Meara 'meer + a' Sea
Neala 'nee + la' Female champion
Niamh 'neev' Radiance, lustre, brightness
Nuala 'noo + la' Shortened version of Fionnuala meaning “fair shouldered, exceptionally lovely,” 
Teagan 't + gin' Beautiful



  Pronounced Meaning
Ailbe 'all + bay' From an old Irish word meaning 'white'
Art 'art' Bear
Bartley 'bart + lee' From Bartholemew
Bradan 'bray + dawn' A salmon
Breccan 'brek + in' Freckled or speckled. It's also the name of an Irish Saint
Canice 'can + iss' Attractive person
Cian 'key + in' Ancient, enduring
Clooney 'cloo + nee' A green pasture
Davin 'dav+ in' Little deer
Emmet 'em + it' Named after Robert Emmet
Fergus 'fer + guss' Strong warrior, virile
Finn 'fin' Fair headed
Lee 'lee' Named after the River Lee
Liam 'lee + am' Protector
Niall 'nye + al' Passionate
Quinn 'quin' Intelligent

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