An app that tracks your child

We’ve all had the awful experience of losing a child in a crowded place, even if it’s just for a short time it can be frighting. A new product from seeks to solve this problem by using the latest Smartphone technology.

The ingenious Buddy Tag is a child safety device that connects with your Smartphone. Your child wears a wristband and if they wander out of a safe distance, set by you, it alerts your smartphone, a map pops up with their location and viola! the lost child is found. 

It has other cool features, including tracking your child if they are with another caregiver and setting different safe distances. You can have multiple wristbands to keep track of your whole family, a great idea if you want the kids to have some freedom at the zoo.

It can also store your child’s allergy and contact details and it has a panic button if they feel in danger.  it's an interesting use of technology and one less thing to worry about when you are out and about.

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