Toddler milestones

Although the dictionary definition of a toddler is that of a child who has recently learn to walk, experts and parents alike are divided on what constitutes the practical definition of a toddler. Some agree with the dictionary, that a baby officially progresses to the toddler stage when he/she learns to walk; others believe that a child becomes a toddler on their first birthday.

Either way, most agree that walking is the first of the toddler milestones, whether it occurs before, or after, the first birthday. And while all parents wait anxiously for their child's first steps, walking is just the first in a series of exciting milestones which occur during the toddler years. We've put together a list of toddler milestones, along with the ages at which you can expect your child to meet them, ways to encourage their development, and what to do if you have concerns about your child's development.

Click here for more on  PHYSICAL MILESTONES, the skills which require gross and/or fine motor skills.
Click here for more on COGNITIVE MILESTONES, the skills which are driven by the development of your child's thinking processes.
Click here for more on SOCIAL MILESTONES, skills which are developed via interaction with adults and other children.

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