Announcing baby number four!

Alisha Kui wanted to have a little fun announcing her very big news – baby number four! After a little arm-twisting, her husband Jonny agreed to a photoshoot. Alisha dashed to the supermarket for props (chips, icecream, chocolate) and they set up the camera on a ladder. Some 40 snaps later, they got their money shot - and here it is!

Kui Family Insert

Alisha and Jonny live on a two acre lifestyle block in Feilding, and part-own a Truss & Frame business with Jonny’s family, where Jonny is the detailer. When she isn’t looking after Jayda, 7, Cooper,  5 and Indy, 3, Alisha is busy with her own Human Resources business. Baby number four (they’re not finding out the gender) is due in July, and apparently the jury's still out on whether there will be a number five!


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