Week 23

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You may start to feel the odd pain in your tummy from this point on. These pains, known as Braxton Hicks contractions, actually started very early in your pregnancy, but it is only as your uterus gets bigger that you will begin to notice them. They will occur every 20 minutes or so, and last around 20 seconds. They will probably feel like a tightening across your bump, or you may feel them as mild period pains. If you feel that the pains are becoming too frequent or intense, try lying down for a few minutes to see if they ease. If not, contact your LMC. You may also feel stitch like pains across your bump, this is another way the uterus prepares itself for labour and birth.


Now your baby weighs almost half a kilo (455g) and is 29cm long, nearly as tall as that bottle of wine you’ve put aside for a post-birth tipple. His body is getting plumper and his proportions are now similar to a newborn’s. The eyes are formed and the pancreas is functioning.

You may notice that baby is growing stronger by the kicks you get in the stomach. These will often be in response to touch or sound as your baby is able to sense these easily now. Baby's heartbeat will now be quite strong, strong enough to hear through a stethoscope and possibly even your partner could hear if puts his head up to your tummy and the room is quiet.
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