Week 24

26_weeks _OHbaby _rvYOU
Try to keep up the exercise. You are now large enough that low-impact exercises such as walking and swimming are best. As your bump gets bigger, it can also affect your sex life. You may need to try new positions, such as being on top, or lying on your side, or you might prefer to find other ways for you and your partner to be close such as cuddling or massage. 

You may also be finding the demands of work challenging, if possible, make arrangements to get out of work early and rest. Have you discussed leave arrangements with your boss? Visit www.ird.govt.nz for information on entitlement to maternity/paternity leave.

Your baby weighs about 540g and is 30cm long. His taste buds are beginning to form and little creases are appearing on his palms. Sweat glands are forming and the hands are more dexterous. Your baby's muscles are now well developed and you will feel baby using them. 
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