Week 38

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You may notice the odd pain in your lower groin and down your legs. This is perfectly okay as it's probably just baby's head becoming engaged against your pelvic floor muscles and aggravating nerves.

By now you might be a bit sick of the pregnancy and just want it all to be over. You may even be a bit depressed. Take it easy on yourself and have a warm bath, or treat yourself to some ice-cream, chocolate, or a massage.

Your baby weighs around 3.1kg and his total length is still around 48cm. Baby is now trying to breathe as his or her lungs are ready for use. You may notice baby hiccups, which are caused by amniotic fluid getting into the baby’s windpipe. 

The circumference of his head and tummy is about the same.Baby's movements are now fairly limited and you may feel his head against your pelvic floor. You'll still feel baby's legs kicking though - looking forward to getting a good stretch after all those months inside mum!
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