Week Nine


Your breasts are now growing and the areola (nipple area) may darken in colour. Your bra size may increase by up to 2 sizes during pregnancy. A supportive bra will help to reduce discomfort and will also help protect your breast tissue.

You may also notice some changes in your skin caused by increased hormones.
It is common in pregnancy for gums to thicken, which may lead to gum disease if not taken care of. Brush and floss regularly, and don't be alarmed if your gums bleed during pregnancy, this is a result of increased blood supply and thickening in the gums.
Are you getting enough calcium? Calcium helps develop strong bones and teeth in your baby. Visit our Diet section for more information.

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Your baby now measures about 22-30mm long and weighs between 2-4 grams. The tail like bottom of your baby's spinal cord has now disappeared and baby's muscles are being worked as your baby moves around.

Baby's hands and feet are losing their webbed look now and the arms are long enough that baby's hands touch over the chest and bend at the elbows. Your baby's chest has also separated from the abdominal cavity by muscles that will develop into babys diaphram.
Facial features are continuing to develop, baby's eyes are now formed with membrane eyelids that will not open until about week 27 and baby's nose is now clearly defined.
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